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    A brief note about changes.

    I think you have already noticed how fashion education industry has leveraged in terms of accessibility of fashion consultants services in styling and shopping. There are thousands of fashion courses (both offline and online) all over the world – and this is absolutely amazing! Personally, I strongly call you up, ladies, to engage yourself into an experience like that even if you are not going to become a professional fashion stylist or designer.

    Two years ago I had successfully completed fashion education at European Image Academy in Moscow, and I can say that this has been one of the best investments into myself. And not because I turned to a fashion stylist career or anything – no, this didn`t happen. The post is about different insight and learning.

    Being a Marketing Manager, I`m consistently expanding my knowledge and skills via business workshops and courses in Business Leadership, Marketing, Economics and other spheres – to leverage my professional skills and to contribute into the business I work for, to bring value and drive positive changes within the industry I operate.

    Here I got to the point at some period of time at my office work that I have had a need to generate not just more, but more & NEW creative ideas within the business projects and processes I`ve been working for. And there was no time to wait for inspiration to come – I needed this “creative mode” at work immediately. It is essential to fill yourself with new knowledge via books and creative management tools. I found very inspiring and “Abstract” documentary series available on Netflix – about the world`s most influential designers and artists. But a true game changing approach for me is to pull yourself (even for a while) into an industry that would be Absolutely Different and New for you. I mean not just watching movies or reading articles about something new in the evenings before going to bed, but a full integration and deep learning of this new industry whatever it is. But of course this industry should be inspiring for you. This is how I have applied at European Academy of Image (note: i have always thought that things like that are soooo far away from me, because I` d rather chosen Marketing or Economics courses, which are much more related to my actual work). But you never know… But sometimes pulling yourself towards surrounding you with inspiration is probably the best thing.

    My advice is to make it as a habit – to level up your inspiration hunt and feed your mind with creativity, at least one hour per day. So to sum everything up, after applying to the Academy: 1. despite of an increased schedule (work/ evening courses/home tasks/ exams) I didn` feel the pressure at all though. The other way round, I felt extremely energized as my mind was always fueled with creativity and inspiration. 2. I have noticed that after intense fashion studies in the late evenings, instead of being exhausted on the contrary, my mind couldn`t stop generating new creative ideas – both business ideas for work and fashion ideas for studies. They key point here is to fix these ideas and to “brainstorm” them further in your mind to make an initial idea sharp and clear to make it being ready to be leveraged into actions 3. In the end, this is how I found myself as an expert in fashion styling later and do online consultations.

    But this is a beginning of an absolutely separate story for my next posts..

    Doors should always be open for new opportunities and positive changes in life – even if it takes you months or years to take an action and make a first step.

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