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    Dubai Inspiration in 7 days

    All the places mentioned below are available with hyperlinks.

    Saturday. Arrival

    Either you travel alone or with a partner, probably one of the best Dubai area would be Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) – a lively, dynamic and fancy (of course) area attractive for its marvelous beach and beautiful promenade The Walk with bars, restaurants and rooftops. A benefit that you would appreciate is that Dubai Marina is in 10 min walk from JBR with all the boats rent, its famous Pier 7, and of course Dubai Marina Mall.

    I have stayed at Movenpick Jumeirah and it was the best decision ever.

    Firstly, this is an area (Jumeirah Beach Residence) which has everything in one place without a need of renting a car or ordering a taxi: public beach – is in 1 min walk, The Beach urban area with all the bars and facilities – in 7 min walk,  Dubai Marina, Dubai Marina Mall, Pier 7 – in 10 min walk, Bluewaters Island & Ain Dubai (world`s largest wheel) – 30 min walk, bars and restaurants – no need to comment, it is everywhere.

    Secondly, Movenpick Jumeirah appeared to be a great combo of price and quality. Though there is no private beach connected to this hotel, trust me the public beach area appeared to be even better than many private beaches connected to certain hotels in Jumeirah Beach (my personal tip: instead of going to public area closer to the Ain Dubai wheel, try to go opposite direction closer to Dubai Zero Gravity, it is much nicer and less crowdy there – perfect spot to meet the sunset).

    What I was sad about though, is that I have missed a super energetic Vogue party which takes place every Saturday at Azure Beach at Rixos JBR hotel (opposite to Movenpick, 1 min walk). If i knew that, for sure I would have found energy to dress up and join it after the flight. Well, instead I had a chilled dinner near the beach which was really lovely, but next time I`m not going to miss it. And my advice to you 100% to include Rixos Vogue Night into the plan of your stay in Dubai – it would worth it!

    Though Dubai has plenty of nice public beaches, if you want to get a `less crowdy` experience, you`d rather visit private beaches and you would definitely be impressed! One from the top list is at Bluewaters Island, Caesars Palace – takes around 30 min walk from JBR through the bridge linking JBR and Bluewaters Island.

    Sunday. Chill

    When travelling my personal rule is to have the 1st day of stay (beyond the flight day) maximum relaxed, so this is a perfect time to explore the area I live in, bars and all the upcoming events happening in the city to plan and prioritize the nights (and days) out. What I do love Dubai for – for its great variety of Ladies Days. So when you arrive – check TimeOutDubai.com for all the latest update and events and have fun. Overall, if I could describe Dubai as a person, I would say that this is the most extravert and energetic person I have ever met, and that is why I love to come back to city again and again. It fuels me with sun and emotions – exactly what is needed to recharge.

    Monday. Dubai Expo 2020

    If you want to visit Expo, it is important to have your PCR test valid (72h usually). That is why Dubai Expo was the first place for sightseeing I have planned in my list. The exhibition meant to happen in 2020, but due to Covid has been delayed to 2021, and to be honest I was so lucky to visit it this year!

    World Expo is probably the biggest showcasing international event with the best of arts, science, architecture, culture which takes place every 4 years. This is a truly spectacular event with a great energy of unity, a moment when all the world meets in one place – 192 countries, with more than 200 pavilions, built in the desert and corresponding to the highest technological standards in the most possible artistic way.

    The show is representing the most pressing matters of the day (this year it is dedicated to Sustainability and how we can contribute) in the most engaging, fun and immersive way along telling us a story about the culture of every country. This is a one in a lifetime event & experience and I was so lucky to see it myself.

    But my ambitious plan a little bit failed – unfortunately I realized that 1 day was not enough to have a look at all the pavilions. Actually, you would need at least 3 days, and believe me you still would have a feeling that it is not enough .. Based on the energy and unity level which you experience at Expo, I can only compare it to Olympics really. Literally thrilling and incredible memories!

    Within my one and only day of visiting Expo, my favorite pavilions were: Vision,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Pavilion, andWomen`s Pavilion. Overall, you still have a chance to visit Dubai Expo, don`t miss it – from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.

    Tuesday. It`s Ladies Day in Dubai!

    As I mentioned in `Sunday` paragraph, Dubai is successful for its Ladies Day/Nights propositions in its best bars and restaurants. Just monitor in TimeOutDubai.com places with greatest offers, and usually on Tuesdays most of the bars and restaurants have Ladies Day (or Night – it depends) with supper attractive propositions for drinks and meal.

    My choice was Bla Bla Dubai  – an concept place with pool & beach club and restaurant (where we also came for drinks later in the evening). Cost for ladies was around 160AED which included sunbed + unlimited drinks & 1 meal from 12.00am till 4 pm. AMAZING! For boys if I remember right it was around 200 – 250 AED on Tuesday. Spending day in this place was the best time ever in my life – such a great and positive atmosphere of unity and unforgettable dances in the pool!

    Actually I count Ladies Day at  Bla Bla Dubai  to be a great compensation for my missed Vogue Night party at Rixos (though still this one is in my list), absolutely fantastic!

    My top other options near JBR to book for Ladies Days – Mama Zonia Dubai,Cargo. Both of them are located at Pier 7 (Dubai Marina). A compensation for guys this day – Lock, Stock & Barrel JBR (located at Rixos JBR) – always on football and beer here. You are welcome, gentlemen!

    Wednesday. Chill and shopping day.

    What can say, Dubai – is a complete perfection for shopping. Although being a Russian and having falling ruble in terms of exchange rate shopping abroad is not too much attractive for me regarding prices… But I would never resist shopping for RITUALS though. Not sure why this brand is not available in Russia, but always go shopping for it when I`m travelling abroad – fantastic skincare products.

    Shopping day should be finished in the most excellent way. Let`s say that Wednesday would be for Burj Khalifa sightseeing. In October, around 6 PM there is a Golden Hour in Dubai – a perfect timing to sharing the most beautiful sunset together being on top of the world.

    There is also a nice place next to Khalifa to have drink – Time Out Market that has been founded a couple of years ago by Time Out Portugal team. That is why you would definitely find there the best Portuguese eateries. Or probably you would meet a stunning prince or princess there if you are single, who knows 😉

    Thursday. Hold on, it`s safari day!

    You cannot miss it – desert is a magical place, both for enjoying the stunning views and getting some adrenaline whilst taking a ride on safari. What I recommend you is to book safari only with Desert Explorers – the great difference from other companies in Dubai is that these guys would bring you on large dunes which are more extreme (in a positive way) and fun! Trust me these would be your unforgettable memories and the best safari experience. Though it may cost you a bit more vs the average pricing, but it`s completely worth it.

    Go big dunes with Desert Explorers! And of course, with Desert Explorers you would be advised with all the best spots for photo shooting either it is professional one or for your personal account.

    Friday. Time to leave, and plan when to come back….

    As an option you can book a boat at Dubai Marina for some sightseeing. This would be a good romantic thing for the last day. But be careful with boat choices and do not book touristic large ones for dinner. You might be disappointed with boats quality in most cases. It is worth it rather to rent a private one – yes, it will cost some extra, but it is so important to have a perfect last departure day, isn`t it?

    My top list  of rooftops for a dinner with a view – JBR Hilton Sky Lounge,Siddharta Lounge.


    Overall, for me Dubai is number 1 place to recharge and it attracts me with its beauty in details, its energy, and unforgettable memories. And I`m so grateful to this life that I have a chance and opportunity to see the world and visit stunning locations like this one. This city is definitely the love of my life.

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