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    What do you see when you look at paintings?

    How do you understand whether you like it or not?

    How do you usually realize why it is so or you are just guided by your gut feeling?

    Basically, modern scientists of Arts have formulated four foundational principles of paintings` perception analysis which would help you to understand better both the painting itself and your reaction on it:

    • Hidden insight. Which meaning did an artist put in the heart of his/her work?

    There is no art work in this world (digital, photo, fashion, oil painting – whatever) without a core meaning as a key foundation for the whole art work concept. Every century and every generation has its own trends, challenges, ambitions, dreams which are usually shared within the community or society via those communication ways and approaches of communication which are relevant to cultural and social trends of different periods of time.

    For example, in Middle Ages all the aristocrats were obsessed with unlocking hidden allegories within the paintings – this meant to be both an entertainment and exemplary for the elite society of those times. Yes, an entertainment. People haven`t had 24/7 work schedules, meetings, traffics on the roads – and instead of Netflix and Instagram they were enjoying time by unlocking the secret meaning hidden in the arts which is absolutely amazing. That is why most of the illustration subjects of that time usually look so surreal and grotesque – to communicate the hidden allegory.

    Nowadays, we have absolutely different style of life and hence the meaning of art has also changed. Commonly, within modern artists there is a huge trend to use less of realism, less of allegories and to use more abstractionism instead. Abstractionism is the perfect way to express your energy and your emotions. The style of abstract painting itself includes very energetic lines and shapes – like a variety of vibes of different energies. And actually this is what resonates to most of people nowadays (and me either). Because today we are overwhelmed with informational energy around us, and it feels that abstract paintings are created to gather all this energy inside their canvases, to digest it and to deliver something very harmonically beautiful to us.

    • Cultural context. Through any art work you can learn something about the culture of the year/century it has been created: its social institutions, politics, social values, personas specifics, fears, trends, fashion, food fashion :).
    • Identity. Things and people which are captured in an art work – are they real or not? Sometimes things are usually painted too real to be unreal, but you never know… This is what make it so exciting to look at an art work – just let your imagination go… and enjoy the moment. There is no better compliment for an artist than an excited spectator.
    • Composition. A composition means a special way which an artist choose and use in terms of elements construction and colors mixology.

    And actually, this type of analysis is my favourite one. For me personally, color is the key element to express yourself. And I like the following allegory about colors very much –

    Imagine that you are going to design a specific life on a canvas via colors. Which colors it would be? Bright? Modest? Peaceful? Passionate?

    Same you can do with your life – to chose the colors in order not just to react on external circumstances, but to create a personal customized beautiful external reality of your own! Because everything is so conventional in this life, and you are an Art Director of your personal reality.

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