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    How to train your color-mixing thinking?

    Just in case you are willing to experiment and try yourself in arts-making or fashion styling but have no idea where to start or whether you are skilled enough – I have been in the same situation of an uncertainty. Transformation is a process and it is important just to start. Somehow.

    One of the most “daily- seamless” thing you can do even from this exact moment – is just to get an eyeful of colors around you. It sounds so easy and probably obvious, but let`s be fair sometimes we do not pay much attention to details around us within our daily routine, especially when you are busy of rushing to the office – gym – meeting friends – home – sleep – office.

    Advice #1.

    Just stop for the moment, have a look around and train your eyes with color mixes you see: which detail or mix did catch your attention? Reflect on which emotions did you feel about it? Then move further, and try to fantasy on what would you have possibly change or add to make this color mix be more attractive from your side of view? This is an easy exercise, but it expends your , how I call it “creative analytical skills”.

    Advice #2.

    Simply just take pictures – at least one per day. A picture of a cup of coffee, food, your notebook on a table, people in a street, your new shoes – whatever that grabs your attention. This exercise is not about being a professional photographer or making super-beautiful pictures “ready-to-go” for your Instagram feed. This is a very relaxed exercise to help you notice new beautiful details around you (probably which you have never noticed before) and feel more comfortable about catching this moment. And at some point you might notice you are not just capturing picture of landscapes around you, but you are creating a scenery yourself – looking for the right composition, light, outfit or color of outfit as an example. This is where you start to develop your own Vision. Keep going, because this is YOU who creating BEAUTY around you.

    Advice #3.

    Just take it easy ant act like it is a creative game designed to make you feel more comfortable in your “color-mixing and designing” approach. Because there is no right answer about a proper color-mix. Well, of course there are some key fundamental standards based on color theory and science, but I believe that we should create our own vision as well, with our own standards as well and make things differently.

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