• Life thoughts and self-motivation

    My personal New Year. First blog post.


    And welcome to my cozy space in the Internet.
    I have realized that I`m so passionate about everything connected about arts & styling, that I want to share this knowledge through my experience with you guys. Recently I have read a very insightful phrase which was about ~ you would not truly understand yourself until you write things down~. This brilliant quote resonates me 100% and this is why I have created this little blog. To understand myself, challenge myself and always move forward especially in creating paintings (see My Art List page). This little imperfect blog is a place for met to share with you guys my paintings and my thoughts on what is bringing me inspiration and motivating me towards achieving my life goals and dreams.. (BIG dreams in particular – being surrounded by life routine and , it is so important not to forget about our dreams as this what brings some magic into our lives). And I do hope that you would find here anything inspiring for you either.

    ~If you can dream it you can achieve it. While you are achieving it, enjoy your life with all its ups and downs~ – this is just one of life mottos which I really love. What resonates me about this one is that it sounds so simple at the first glance, however it has taken me ages firstly to realize and truly trust myself that I actually CAN achieve all the goals once I have had set for myself. And secondly, I have had to learn how to overcome barriers and life issues with confidence, self-love and JOY whilst achieving those goals. There are moments when your mindset changes fundamentally. And the year when I turned 30 has been a year like that for me (WHY all the important insights of life do not come to mind MUCH earlier?! Or maybe this is just my personal problem…? 🙂 ).

    Starting a Nice new journey of being 30s in a beautiful Nice.

    To be completely honest with you, I am still attempting in decision what concept and big idea to chose for this blog updates. It is important for me to make it valuable in terms of knowledge, experience or inspiration. So as I see it for now, I would go for the following topics: 1. styling (which colors and styles match you the most and where to find the best fashion deals) 2. Oil paintings (and how to start doing oil paintings if you are not a professional artist), 3. Travel tips (hopefully soon….:) Overall, I just want to worry less and just to live the moment and share my knowledge, experience, thoughts – to make all the information on this website to be a part me.

    So what motivates me to start this blog today?

    What a challenging, but a life- and mind-changing journey it has been for me over the last couple of years, which has guided me to a very important learning of never being afraid to fail, as every Failure leads to a Huge success. And looking back over the years, I just feel so happy and so grateful to my every success and to my every failure as well, because all of that has led me to where I am right now – a person who I can definitely be proud of. What I have learnt – a self-discipline is a core fundamental. You just need to do a step forward, even a small one, but every single day and just make things done! To be honest, I have always thought that “turning into 30s” would be the beginning of the end… 🙂 Hah! I have never felt so happy as I am today. Finally I have reached a healthy relationship with myself, where I hear and trust myself, and not afraid anymore to dream and set ambitious goals WITHOUT overthinking or worrying that something is impossible or I do not deserve it or anything else. Of course, there is a list of things that I would have expected to reach by turning 30 , however now I just admit that everything has its own timing of life and now I just feel OKAY that not all of my expectations have been accomplished so far.

    I have no doubts that everything is possible in this world – it just depends on how much you really want it and how much you are self-disciplined in making things done. And going back to this easy but meaningful motto ~If you can dream it you can achieve it. While you are achieving it, HAVE FUN~, I would be happy to make this blog a place where we can share and discuss different things we enjoy and passionate about, that would bring a kind of fun and inspiration to our everyday lives.

    Always keep going with your goals and dreams!

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